The purpose of WYEN is to build a pan-European network of next-generation friends and supporters of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary basic research institutions in the natural and exact sciences.

Our members form a network of groundbreaking, successful young leaders in science, business, and throughout society, who share our curiosity for outstanding science, our passion for high-profile networking, and our ambition to create positive impact in the world through science for the benefit of humanity.

As an organization, we engage with our members in various exclusive events and joint activities across Europe and in Israel, generating awareness for the latest scientific achievements and opportunities to support future research at the Weizmann Institute and providing opportunities for high-profile business networking. 

Furthermore, we connect our members with the Societies of Friends of the Weizmann Institute in their respective European home countries, allowing them to also engage on a local level.

Membership Circles


Welcome to the WYEN Journey: Get to know us, join us, experience our community and celebrate with us!

Our membership community consists of different membership circles, based on the level of interest, engagement desired, and personal achievement and contribution.

Welcome Circle

The Welcome Circle is an open membership for curiosity-driven newcomers who have had little to no contact with the Weizmann Young European Network (WYEN) and wish to get to know us and experience our community first-hand. As an open membership, it requires only a sign-up procedure.

Welcome Circle members receive immediate access to our members-only group on LinkedIn, invitations to webinars and seminars of the Weizmann Institute of Science, as well as to open lectures of the European Societies of Friends of the Weizmann Institute of Science, and access to one WYEN networking event, usually the Year-End Event. In addition, Welcome Circle members receive the WYEN and WIS newsletters and magazines containing latest projects and groundbreaking research findings.

Alumni of the Weizmann Institute as well as former participants of the International Summer Science Institute (ISSI) are invited to sign up free of charge.

Grand Circle

The Grand Circle membership is by application and/or invitation only. A Grand Circle membership is usually granted upon recommendation of an existing Grand or Excellence Circle member, or by direct application, and is submitted for approval by the Board Members. 

As a Grand Circle member, you move beyond the transactional to the transformational with an open and visionary state of mind allowing you to see connections from different angles, enabling you to warmly build ecosystems of networks and bring these together, providing these transformational benefits to both you and your growing network.

Grand Circle members are invited to explore ways in which you can shape the WYEN, enriching your environment through your activities and experiencing the mutual exchange of not only receiving, but also giving back, leading to eventual Excellence nominations or an invitation to the Board.

Aside from the benefits of the Welcome Circle, as a Grand Circle member you will be invited to VIP tailor-made visits to the WIS, to VIP WYEN retreats and a yearly retreat taking place biennially, one year in Israel, the next in Switzerland.  

Excellence Circle

A nomination to the Excellence Circle is based on outstanding personal achievement and contribution to the WYEN and/or the Weizmann Institute of Science and is usually reserved for members of the WYEN Board.

In addition to the benefits of Grand Circle members, the members of our Excellence Circle receive a gold WYEN pin, an invitation to the Weizmann Institute’s annual Global Gatherings, and a personal invitation to the annual President’s Dinner.


Become a Member

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WYEN Networking Event Free
WYEN VIP Event 50% Discount Free
Webinars and Seminars with top leading scientists
Access to members only Linkedin group
WYEN & WIS Newsletter
VIP tailor made visits to WIS
WYEN VIP Retreats
Bianunal retreat to Israel / Switzerland
Invitation to International Board Meeting
Invitation to dinner with the President of the Weizmann Institute of Science
Annual Membership fees
  • Individuals: 200€
  • Couples/Colleagues: 300€
  • Students: 50% Discount
  • Weizmann Alumni: Free
  • ISSI Alumni: Free
  • Individuals: 1000€
  • Couples/Colleagues: 1500€
  • Individuals: 1000€
  • Couples/Colleagues: 1500€
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